CSS2.1: The 'content' property

CSS2.1 draft, Section 12.2

   # normal
   #    On the :before and :after pseudo-elements,
   #    this value is the same as 'none'.
   # none
   #    No content is generated.

The 'none' value is redundant; please take it out. If it's
needed in CSS3, it can be added there--no need to confuse
the issue.

'normal' should be defined as follows:
   The pseudo-element is not rendered.

It should also be renamed to 'auto', as 'auto' means "self"--
which is a connotation you'll want in CSS3. It also means
"automatic"; the content and behavior associated with the
element is "automatic" instead of manually specified in the
style rule. In contrast, 'normal' here means little more
than 'default', and it implies that any other value is
"abnormal". ;)

If the WG still feels 'normal' is more appropriate than 'auto',
I would *really* like to know why. *formally requests a reply*


Received on Sunday, 2 March 2003 19:12:27 UTC