Re: "inherit"

* Michael Day wrote:
>> >You could not make a similar argument for the "inherit" keyword, which is
>> >genuinely useful even for properties which inherit by default, for forcing
>> >inheritance in the presence of other rules in the cascade.
>> Just specify the value you want.
>You want the value from the parent, whatever it may be. Depends on the 
>document, unlike initial, which is fixed regardless of the document. Hence 
>inherit gives functionality that would not otherwise be achievable, 
>whereas initial does not.

That's the point, initial does add new functionality for various
properties, you merely argue how to add this functionality;
a simple, useful, general concept versus a new keywords. I still
don't see how initial is difficult to understand or implement.

Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2003 04:56:51 UTC