Re: [CSS21] body { padding: 8px; } HTML40 sample stylesheet

I definitely see your points on the issue of browser presentation. 
Obviously I want my life to be easier, but I realise that it's 
something of a moot point anyway.

> No, sorry.  The Web is an information medium.  You may perceive it as
> a visual medium, and it supports (and is in some ways optimized for)
> a visual presentation, but it's not a visual medium.

We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. The web, unlike 
previous computer-based broadcast technologies, such as Usenet, is a 
mass-market medium. It can not occupy the role it does without it's 
visual component. XML is an information medium, pure and simple, but it 
is not consumed by humans. HTML is and hence must support visual 
techniques. Even if these are as simple as a slighter bigger font for a 
heading, there must be visual differentiation to create structure. The 
web isn't visual like magazines and adverts aren't visual. Of course 
they are, because human's don't just communicate in text.


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