Re: [CSS21] body { padding: 8px; } HTML40 sample stylesheet

> In fact, it's probably not really all that desirable at all, as Jukka 
> is saying here.


> adding that we need to keep in mind accessibility concerns and a wide 
> diversity of browsers.

These are taken as read pretty much, I don't mean to push these aside.

> Mandating that a style page is "the same page" if the appearance looks 
> the same in multiple browsers is simply wrong, and misunderstands the 
> Web.

I don't mean the it's "the same page". I don't think this is wrong. Why 
shouldn't the same page look the same as far as possible? Isn't that 
the original point of HTML and much of what CSS is about?

I'm sorry, I just find it ludicrous that there should exists syntax to 
say things such as position:absolute and top:50px; but then turn around 
and say that these shouldn't be used because they misunderstand the 
web. The web is a visual medium and people use it as such. By 
suggesting that browsers try to be alike (which is all I'm doing, I'm 
not forcing and I'm not unrealistic about the probable lack of 
adoption) all I'm doing is trying to make authors lives easier at 
nobody else's expense.


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