Re: Will behaviors be added to CSS?

Bert Bos wrote:
> It is clear that we need to control what happens on link
> traversal: replace the current document, expand in place, pop-up a
> temporary window, open a tab in the background...

To me, it is clear that page authors should not be able to control 
whether a page comes up in a window or a tab.

For historical reasons, I have no choice but to cede page authors some 
control over whether on a link click the new page replaces the old one 
or is opened in a new viewing area, and this distinction makes some 
sense.  But specifying what sort of new viewing area the page wants is 
not acceptable to me as a user and is fragile from a general perspective 
(what happens when someone devises a new method of creating a new 
viewing area?  Are we going to change the spec some more?).

I suspect and hope that this sentence was just an example of what is 
being considered and not necessarily representative of the actual 
direction the specification would take....


Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003 13:23:24 UTC