Re: Will behaviors be added to CSS?

Chavchanidze Giorgi wrote:
> go[to]
>        {-o-link:attr(to);
>        -o-link-source:current;}


> Note also that the main result of whole XLink activity is that after several 
> years we still can't use links in XML. No browser supports XLink it since it 
> too complex and no one wants to use it since it's too awkward.

<foo xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="whatever">

is not exactly much more awkward than the Opera solution (does need one 
extra attr and declaring the xlink namespace on your root node).  And as 
Ian has pointed out, Mozilla has supported that for years.

The real question is whether linking behavior should be part of the 
structure or the presentation, of course...


Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003 12:05:38 UTC