Re: [CSS21] body { padding: 8px; } HTML40 sample stylesheet

On Wednesday, Jul 23, 2003, at 13:17 US/Pacific, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

> Generally, the sample style sheet in the CSS 2 spefication deviates in
> several (and partly odd) ways from the one in CSS 1, and there are 
> strange
> changes in CSS 2.1. In particular, there's a tendency from using the
> logical em unit to using px values.

The sample sheet in CSS1 is more prescriptive than descriptive of 
common UA behavior. The px values in CSS2 are simply descriptive of 
what Mosaic-derivative UAs use(d).

> Except for line-height, where CSS 2.1
> uses the em unit, which is very strange. (It means that the computed 
> value
> is inherited, so the line spacing in inner elements will _not_ be in
> proportion to their own font size.)

That is an outright error; there should be no unit given.

> And moving back to a small value like
> 1.12 is strange too.

That is also based on empirical measurement of legacy behavior, and 
does not represent a recommendation. Personally I tend to prefer the 
higher value, especially as lines grow long, but that wasn't the point.

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