[css3-text] Before It Becomes a PR

Hello again,

A few comments about the CSS3 Text CR.

1. Is it possible to add a new value to the section 9.5 properties?

I mean the 'skip-punctuation' value. And the properties themselves
could be allowed to accept space-separeated values, i.e. I would type

p { text-decoration: underline;
    text-undeline-mode: skip-white-space skip-punctuation; }

to achieve the following result:

Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom...
-----  --- ------ --------  --- --- -- ----  --- ---- -------

2. The 'text-blink' property was a mistake. It still is a mistake. Why
not simply remove it? Netscape's 'blink; element isn't as popular as it
used to be and CSS should not try to cover everything, especially the
dynamic effects. Eliminate blinking and all the corresponding

3. The 'text-shadow' property. Remove it and place a note about the
previous CSS versions. Provide an SVG example creating a shadow

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Received on Friday, 11 July 2003 05:55:45 UTC