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Charles Kendrick <>:
> HTML, CSS and DOM can be appropriate tools for *both* document
> construction and web application creation.

You'll need a scripting language along with DOM. I don't know what you
understand as "web applications", probably basically the use of the HTML
elements for forms in combination with a serverside or, in lesser useful
cases, a clientside scripting language.

> The fact that the same language and tools and the same skillset
> work for both purposes is a huge benefit - not a problem.

I've yet to see a web application developer to mark up a document correctly,

> If the W3C working groups continue to define the web browser
> as strictly a document viewer,

The W3C doesn't define web browsers. It merely specifies how its standards
should be interpreted.

> and to deflect all requests for functionality that does not
> fit into the strict notion of a media-independent document,

Why doesn't my watch include a mobile phone and an MP3 player? Because its
job is to tell me time and date, nothing more. It does its job perfectly as
do the other two things I carry around.

Do you know XForms, XQuery etc.?

> it is very likely that a proprietary technology will
> ultimately be used for web applications,

For many cases that would be the right choice indeed.

P.S.: Full quoting at bottom is the opposite of useful.

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