Re: Center DIV

>>    body { position: center; }
> This would be great for the simple case of the single block centre 
> aligned to the page.

Sorry, I meant to also add that whilst this is great for the simple 
case, I think it would still be useful to create objects that are 
exactly fitted to the vertical height of the browser window or output 

These could be used for creating a diverse range of presentation style 
effects, including viewport borders (a la dialogue cards from silent 
movies). It would also be useful to absolutely position elements easily 
relative to the body area so that, for example, equally spaced items 
could be arranged around the perimeter. These simple additions add up 
to giving the author simple but powerful tools to address the viewport 
space meaningfully.

How about:

	body { height:viewport; }

or something similar? This would have exactly the same behaviour as 
width:auto, except rotated through 90 degrees.


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Received on Friday, 4 July 2003 12:12:51 UTC