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> From: Simon Jessey []
> CSS-P does provide a
> mechanism for orienting elements with respect to the viewport 
> in the rule position:fixed, but many of the current visual user agents (especially
> Internet Explorer) lack proper support.

Ahhhh... I understand now. This explains a lot. Thank you very much for clearing this up. I didn't realize that fixed was not only "fixed" as you scrolled but relative to the viewport.

I think I understand the issue. If one says "I want it vertically centered," the question is relative to what. The answer is really the viewport, conceptually.

The misconception that height: 100% gets you this is a result of IE ("quirks mode" now, Mozilla/NS7 quirks mode as well) sizing things relative to the window vertically in spite of W3C standards.

Setting it to position: absolute or fixed both give you a media-dependent height now, and text-align will center a box, but vertical-align still won't. It seems to me there needs to either be a new property that will get you a vertical center of a box inside a box, or a secondary meaning of vertical-align when used inside an absolute/fixed position element.

-Chris "SoopahMan" Moschini

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