[css3-ui] Last WD for CSS3 basic user interface

The CSS WG published the (hopefully) last draft of the "CSS3 Basic
User Interface Module":


The next step should be "Candidate Recommendation" and the CSS working
group will decide on that step after July 31. So if you want your
comments to be taken into account, please send them before the end of
this month.

As the abstract says:

    This working draft contains: 

    - Pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements to style user interface
      states and element fragments respectively.
    - Additions to the user interface features in CSS2.1.
    - The ability to style the appearance of various standard form
      elements in HTML4 and properties to augment or replace some
      remaining stylistic attributes in HTML4.  
    - Directional focus navigation properties.
    - A mechanism to allow the styling of elements as icons for

When you send comments, please use a subject line that starts with the
short name of the draft [css3-ui], as I did on this message.

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