Re: [RFE] small-caps

At 09:05 +0100 UTC, on 1/20/03, Christoph P”per wrote:


> Actually nothing is transformed (in opposite to the text-transform
> property), but a different font variant is being used, hence the name.



> I think if you read it carefully, you can perfectly understand it from the
> spec: "[...] lowercase letters look similar to the uppercase ones, but in a
> smaller size [...]" I'm not against a clarification, though.

Yes, after I began to understand it, that text confirms it. That doesn't mean
it explains it (at least not to me ;)).


> It *does* in fact affect all letters, but most likely not visibly, because
> capitals in general look the same in normal like in small caps variant.

Thanks for the clarification.

Do I understand correctly then that it really is up to the font's author
whether or not a font variant's small-caps' capitals will look like capitals
or like small capitals? If so, I think I'll withdraw my proposal, as the CSS
specs are of course not a fonts tutorial.

Sander Tekelenburg, <>

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