Re: Suggestion to add "spacing between sentences" to CSS3 Line WD

Shelby Moore wrote:
>>>>Ok well you write the algorithm that you propose we include in the
>>>> CSS spec, preferably compatible with the majority of CSS' users'
>>>> languages
>>>End of sentence character.
>>Do you mean that one would use style like
>>	sentence-end-of-character: ".";
> No I think we were referring to a new EOS character, e.g. &eos;

If we start putting extra characters to point out where sentence
 borders are, why not just markup it correctly? For example: <s>This is
 a sentence.</s><s>This is an another sentence.</s>

That way we can use CSS we have today to style the text as we like and
we don't have the same problems we have with the <br> today.

> In my last response, I stated that I think sentence parsers are
> better way to go.  And that I bet parsers exist, even I don't have
> time to research them.

Sentence parsers sound great, but I'm afraid we aren't seeing any of
those in any browser in next N+2 years. Probably never, if the only
reason to have them is to have slight improvement in rendering. In
addition, such a parser should be able to decipher incorrect grammar
 and typing mistakes to be usable in normal web pages.


Received on Thursday, 9 January 2003 18:02:50 UTC