Re: CSS/XBL Dependencies

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Jan 2003, fantasai wrote:
>> Suppose I write a page where <select> is bound via XBL
>> so it submits on change. In the form, I also have a
>> submit button for browsers without XBL. However, the
>> ideal design I want requires no submit button. Therefore,
>> I need to assign "display: none" to the submit button.
 >>  - However, if the user overrides the binding on <select>
 >>    with an !important rule but leaves general XBL and CSS
 >>    support on, the form cannot be submitted.
>>Does XBL have a way to avoid this situation?
>>The more general question would be "how can CSS's cascading
>>be adjusted to handle such dependencies?"
> As you point out, this isn't an XBL problem.

No, not in the case where the binding is overridden by
the user. But, what if scripting is disabled? That is
not a CSS issue. If the XBL binding takes effect and the
CSS takes effect but scripting is turned off, the form
cannot be submitted. (afaik)

> There have been several proposed solutions, none satisfactory.
> Ideas welcome.

Well, it would help if one knew what the problems were with
the proposed solutions.

I think it's clear that arbitrary rules need to be assigned
to dependency groups where if one is overridden the rules are
all taken out of the cascade. Does this in itself present a
problem or are the issues mainly with syntax?


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