Re: XBL Thread: who wants Shelby to stop posting?

On Monday 06 January 2003 3:37 pm, Shelby Moore wrote:
> Jim,
> A simple "stay" or "leave" answer, was all I was asking for.  Others have
> managed to do that professionally.

It was not my intention to insult you, it was my intention to point out what 
I believe is causing the friction here.  I don't want anybody to leave, 
it's your attitude I dislike, not your participation.  I was hoping (and 
still hope) you would understand that and post in a more reasonable manner.  
I apologise if I caused any embarrassment.

In normal circumstances, I would have posted it privately, however you 
wanted a public poll, so I posted it here instead.  I haven't picked up 
your final position post until now, and I haven't looked at it in detail 

[apologies if this surfaces twice, I sent it originally from an address that 
is not subscribed to this list]

Jim Dabell

Received on Monday, 6 January 2003 11:21:49 UTC