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A simple "stay" or "leave" answer, was all I was asking for.  Others have
managed to do that professionally.

If the way you characterize the XBL thread below is correct, then I think
you are guilty of the same problem with this public post.  I am available
it private if you want to advise me about my "mental and emotional

Have you not read the thread I posted 1 hour ago, Shelby's Final Position
Paper on XBL, which I think is very concise?

I will removing myself from this (unprofessional) list soon.


At 03:17 PM 1/6/2003 +0000, Jim Dabell wrote:
>On Monday 06 January 2003 12:29 am, Shelby Moore wrote:
>I've restrained myself from posting this a number of times before,
>especially as I just lurk here, but since it was explicitly solicited...
>> So I am asking for people who do __NOT__ want me here to respond to this
>> thread and make themselves known.
>A change of attitude would be appreciated.  You have demonstrated a
>remarkably poor attitude in my opinion, some comments having ranged from
>paranoid through arrogant to condescending, without cause.  I'm sure you
>are technically capable of worthwhile input to a list like this, however
>annoying everybody by being deliberately inflammatory is not a good way of
>going about it.
>> If 5 or more people will respond and declare that they find my posts
>> undesireable, then I will leave.  Actually I would appreciate it an
>> excuse to ignore some annoying closed-minded antagonists here.
>And that's exactly the attitude I dislike, and I'm sure I'm not the only
>one.  The only antagonist I see here is you.  If you could leave your
>attitude behind, I'm sure productive debate would be possible, and I'd look
>forward to reading your posts, but you seem intent on spending most of the
>time accusing or misrepresenting others, and asserting that you have
>somehow "won".  This isn't the right attitude to take if you want people to
>listen to you.
>If you care about your assertions here, put a reasoned argument with
>examples into a single document, and post it here for debate.  If you don't
>have the time (which I understand perfectly well), then that's your
>business, but it seems to me you could free up a lot of time by avoiding
>arguing so much on this list.  I think a short break from this thread would
>be welcomed as well.
>[Apologies to list members who are already sick of this thread]
>Jim Dabell

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