Re: XBL is (mostly) W3C redundant, and CSS is wrong W3C layer for semantic behavior *markup

Okay I have searched the W3C and Google Web and I can find no where does it
say that semantics is entirely determined by specification, as Ian claims.

In fact, even the markup specifications (e.g. HTML 4.01) does not mention
semantics of the whole specification.  It only claims to be a "specification".

I think Ian wants specifications to be more than that they really are.

But Tim Berners-Lee disagrees with centralized (rigid) concept of semantics
as I wrote in previous post:

I think that pretty much locks the debate in my favor :-)

Ian, next time please go directly to the point!  You could have saved me
about 4 days and several thousand $ of time.

If any thing, this thread should prove that CSS people should stay out of
semantics, because that is not their area of expertise and focus.  That
includes trying to define semantics.

-Shelby Moore

Received on Friday, 3 January 2003 16:18:36 UTC