Re: XBL is (mostly) W3C redundant, and CSS is wrong W3C layer for semantic behavior *markup*

Shelby wrote on Thursday, January 2, 2003 at 5:29:03 PM:

>>> Shelby Moore wrote:
>>> CSS selectors allows one to select elements of markup based on 
>>> attributes which are not related to *semantics*.
>> Ian Hickson responded:
>> As an editor of the W3C Selectors Specification, I assure you,
>> that is most definitely not the intention of CSS selectors. 

> Ian's "assurance" was false.

If you revised your original statement to "CSS selectors match
elements without regard to the elements' semantics," I think it makes
perfect sense. CSS doesn't need to know the markup languages it's
applied to, or any markup language at all; that's the beauty of it.
Knowledge of the markup language's elements is contained in the CSS
author, where it belongs.

Of course, I could be horribly wrong. As always, I reserve the right
to change my mind *and* pretend like I never held my former opinion at


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