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Minor comments for CR-css3-mediaqueries-20020708

From: Susan Lesch <lesch@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 01:44:59 -0800
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To: www-style@w3.org


These are minor editorial comments for your Media Queries Candidate
Recommendation [1].

Could you move the Requirements and Related work sections to an
appendix? They're relevant but they are a little bit like a research
paper and they lead the reader in only to say that what was just
presented isn't what you are trying to specify.

In the Abstract, s/are two of media types/are two media types/

s/Status of this document/Status of This Document/

s/a web browser/a Web browser/

s/UA/user agent (UA)/ (in its first occurrence)

In the TOC and in headings (that aren't media features), words can be
capitalized in US English, for example, s/Table of contents/Table of

s/reserved in. HTML4/reserved in HTML4./

s/Appendix (CC/PP attribute vocabulary for print and display)
describe/Appendix (CC/PP attribute vocabulary for print and display)

s/width of a the text display device/width of the text display device/

s/CamelCase/camelCase/ (normally this is a quibble but here you are
pointing out that 'charWidth' starts with lowercase)

s/Like CC/PP, RFC2534 also provides/Like CC/PP, RFC 2534 provides/

s/knowing which one of the defined media types which most closely
resembles the device./knowing which one of the defined media types most
closely resembles the device./

s/px unit/"px" unit/

s/tty devices/"tty" devices/


In 5, "see CSS2, section 4.3: Values and Units" needs a link to
References for people who print this out.

s/("(min-color: 1)/("(min-color: 1)")/

For width and height:

"viewport (as described by CSS2)" could have reference something like:
"viewport as described by CSS2 ([CSS2] section 9.1.1)."

"page box (as described by CSS2)" could be: "page box as described by
CSS2 ([CSS2] section 13.2)."

"RFC2531 [RFC2531]" needs a link and could be a normative reference.

s/greater than 300 dots per inch/greater than or equal to 300 dots per

s/pixels. in/pixels in/

The title of normative references should point to dated specs. Also,
references should have no live URI links. Here is the guideline:
Also it's unclear in [CSS2] and in [HTML401] why "Ian Jacobs" differs
from "Jacobs, I.."

In Appendix B, s/W3C working draft. (Work in progress.)/W3C Working
Draft (work in progress)./

For RFCs, s/Internet RFC/The Internet Society. RFC nnnn/

Comment on the style sheets:
- in the embedded style, where background is declared, you would also
   declare color (in case someone wants to use a reversed value user
   style sheet).
- in default.css, is it possible you could justify only for print?
   The text looks a little choppy.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/2002/CR-css3-mediaqueries-20020708/

Best wishes for your project,
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