[CSS-Print] 5 comments I have on the draft, all editorial

Comments on CSS Print Profile

These comments are entirely editorial in nature.

[1] Section 2.
In the clause "the printer MAY ignored the style sheet or treat it in
some implementation dependent manner", the word "ignored" should be

[2] Section 3.1
In the clause "the printer MUST implemented the behavior described in
CSS3 module: Paged Media", the word "implemented" should be "implement".

[3] Section 4
It appears that there is difference is the requirements for the
'border-style' and its four sub-properties.  Shouldn't the sub-properties
also have only "none" and "solid" as values that the Extended profile
is required to support?

[4] Sections 5, 6, and 7
For the various references to individual sections of CSS2, could links
to each specific section referred to be also provided?

[5] Section 8.2
In the sentence "A printer is neither REQUIRED nor forbidden to perform
scaling to fit the long element on a single page." wouldn't it be
sensible for both of the words "REQUIRED" and "forbidden" to have the
same degree of emphasis?

Ernest Cline

Received on Friday, 19 December 2003 20:56:25 UTC