Re: Pre-announcement: css3-ruby, css3-text and css3-color to become CR

Bert Bos wrote:
> So this is the last chance to influence the Director's decision. If
> you had comments earlier and can't agree with how the CSS WG changed
> (or didn't change) the drafts in response, please send a message to
> this list, before May 5th.
> You can see a list of all comments and all responses at these URLs:

Judging from the Disposition of Comments, I suspect that the problems
with writing directions have not been resolved. I can't really comment
further because there's no public draft of the "significant" changes
and "completely rewritten" text.

The last update on that page (March 12) is obviously before my comments
on Multi-Directional Text[1], which is rather curious as the first post
in that thread is listed as comment 34. My next two posts in that thread
([2] and [3]), contain substantial comments on CSS3's handling of
writing directions, but are not listed in the disposition of comments
and thus, I assume, have not been addressed.



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