Re: Columns and other layouts

>      a. Running Text in Paragraphs: this should be of a size that is the
>         best compromise between being large enough that the user can read
>         it easily, and small enough to keep from making the user page down
>         more than necessary.

This should be 1em at the top of the document tree; i.e. it should be 
exactly the user's preferred size.  Unfortunately, those users who
set it these days, and don't just disable sizes entirely (I do the
latter) are likely to set it too large, to compensate for the
fashion for authors always using fonts of less than 1em, relative
to that setting.

This is essentially what the specimen style sheet does.

(Note some major browsers fail to implement relative fonts correctly
in tables.)

Received on Monday, 28 April 2003 15:56:36 UTC