Re: ID selector via attribute?

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Tom Gilder wrote:
> Is there a reason why there couldn't be a way to select elmemets by
> IDs, based on an attribute of another element?
> For instance, something like (this syntax isn't too good though):
>   <label for="me">text</label> <input .. id="me">
>   label:focus #attr(for) { color: red; }
> ...would make the input red when label is focussed. Would be quite
> handy imo.

At some point in the distant past I proposed the /foo/ combinator. This
would style the above as:

   label:focus /for/ * { color: red; }

...that is, "any element pointed to using the 'for' attribute on an
element whose tag name is 'label' and which is currently focussed".

See part 2 of:

Note that it is unlikely that a "label" element would ever be focussed;
the input element would be instead. The reverse styling (styling the label
based on the focussed input) would be more commonly wanted, I imagine.
This would require the :matches() pseudo-class as well, as in:

   label:matches(# /for/ :focus) { font-weight: bold; }

...which reads "any 'label' element whose 'for' attribute points to an
element that is currently focussed".

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