Re: @page { size: A4 }

On Sunday, April 13, 2003, 6:08:52 PM, Alexander wrote:

AS> Hello again,

AS> 2003-04-11T12:18:46Z Michael Day <> wrote:

>>> I have some sympathy for the proposal, and I think the "A4" value was
>>> part of the proposal for the "size" property at some point. It was
>>> removed based on feedback from a major printer manufacturer who said
>>> there are lots of different systems and conventions for naming paper
>>> sizes worldwide.

>> This means that we should avoid named paper sizes that have differing
>> interpretations in different parts of the world. However, A4 and the other
>> ISO paper sizes are international standards used throughout the world and
>> should not suffer from this problem. Does the value "A4" really have other 
>> meanings in some locations?

AS> I just hope we don't get another US-centric feature here.

Since A4 is used pretty much everywhere in the world *apart* from the
US, in some ways its the opposite of a US-centric feature.

AS> Isn't it possible to introduce ISO values without touching ANSI,
AS> JIS, etc.?


AS> I'm fed up with 'pt' values that are ruining the traditional European
AS> typography nowadays. People are looking forward for a fix (a new unit
AS> or a clarification about US/European points). THAT would be nice.

A pt is defined to be 25.4/72 mm in CSS. That works out the same
wherever in the world you are, unless travelling at a significant
fraction of the speed of light.


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