Re: @page { size: A4 }

Also sprach Michael Day:

 > This is a proposal for an extension to the page size property to take
 > named paper sizes in addition to lengths, to make it easier for users to
 > specify standard paper sizes without resorting to a ruler.
 > Syntax:
 > @page { size: identifier1 [identifier2] }
 > identifier1 is the case-insensitive name for a standard paper size.
 > has a suitable list of
 > standard paper size names and dimensions, for example:
 >  A4 : 210mm x 297mm
 >  A5 : 148mm x 210mm

I have some sympathy for the proposal, and I think the "A4" value was
part of the proposal for the "size" property at some point. It was
removed based on feedback from a major printer manufacturer who said
there are lots of different systems and conventions for naming paper
sizes worldwide.

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Received on Friday, 11 April 2003 02:54:08 UTC