Re: cjk-ideographic list style : correction and addition

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Jungshik Shin wrote:

> I've just noticed that there are several mistakes in the latest WD of
> CSS module:list.

> Finally, I'm wondering why CJK ideographic list style has the upper limit of
> only 10^16(10^16-1) when it's possible to represent numbers up to
> 10^72-1 with Chinese numbering system. Well, those large numbers are not
> much of use, but ....  I'm not saying CSS3 should have them, but FYI,
> I'm including all of them in List 3 as they're used in Korea. Chinese and

Some people may have trouble with my email in UTF-8 (I got
an email saying that off-line.).  I put up
list1, list2, and list3 in my prev. message at

List1 and List 3 are the same as before, but List 2 has changed
as described below.

> In addition,  I like to  suggest that two new 'instances' of CJK
> ideographic list style for Korean, 'korean formal' and 'korean informal'
> be added  as listed in  List 2.

I realized that in Korea these days most financial documents use
Hangul syllables cooresponding to the reading of CJK ideographic
'numerals'. Therefore, I added a third instance 'korean-formal-hangul'
and renamed 'korean-formal' to 'korean-formal-hanja'.


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