Re: Scrollbars In The Box Model

> No. The scrollbar is a standard user-application
> interface, and one that
> is used without much thought. It should be
> consistently positioned for
> *all* applications so that I don't have to think
> about it, and the web
> author has no place ruining that consistency.

Why is CSS limited to web documents?  CSS is used by
some programs and web apps to define user interface
style.  The argument that the author should not have
control of this should in my opinion not be a factor
when discussing whether something should be specified.
After all, CSS allows for authors to define cursor
styles, a common user interface element.  When CSS
fails to try to define something useful, we get stuck
with bad proprietary implementations such as the
scrollbar styling definitions in Internet Explorer and
X11 named colors.  Yes, I really dislike the X11 named
color set...

Dylan Schiemann
X11 Named Colors' worst enemy

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Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2003 04:08:14 UTC