Re: Scrollbars In The Box Model

I suggest similar thing when I give feedback about the
We need to specify which side to put the scroll bar in a document. Left 
or right? Arabic / Hebrew page need control about that.

i don't think that should belong to the box model module, but instead, 
be part of the UI module.

Andy wrote:

> I've looking through both the CSS2 and CSS3 box models and finding 
> nothing in either about where (in the box model) the user agent should 
> render the scrollbar, I'd like to propose that this be included in the 
> CSS3 box model. I checked and the CSS3 Box Model spec is a working 
> draft so I'm not sure if it's considered too late to include things in 
> specs.
> - Andy
> PS. If information on where the scrollbar should be rendered is 
> located somewhere other than the box model, I'd appreciate the link. 
> Although I haven't tested it thouroughly myself, I've been told 
> different browsers currently render the scrollbar differently.

Received on Thursday, 3 April 2003 20:33:33 UTC