Re: :here for Links

> > I'm not sure if it's an idea which has been brought up yet, but I think
> > it would be useful to have a pseudo element called :here or something
> > similar.  The purpose is to select only hypertext links link point to
> > the current page.  This way, web developers don't have to go to the
> > navigation device on every page and make the links have special
> > classes or anything like that.
> This is definately needed because the need for it is ubiquitous
> (everywhere). Surely, most of you are aware that a great many web sites
> have the current page styled differently in menus to show where you are.

This is not, possible in the general case, as pages can have multiple 
addresses, but the browser will only know, at most, the address used in
the request and the address returned in the Location header.  Whilst the
latter is likely to be the official address of the actual variant used
(give or take broken servers), one would expect addresses in pages to
be those prior to content-negotiation, so the Location header value
may be of little use.

Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2003 01:23:07 UTC