Re: Preloading: CSS and attribute.

Hello Micho,
Saturday, September 28, 2002, 3:56:52 PM, you wrote:

> + This proposal was declared merely presentational

It's a visual effect, and thus presentational.

> + Tantek mentioned an alternative way of achieving this by the use
> of CSS.

It would make an excellent pseudo-element, which retains all of the
functionality of the original proposal and adds more, like the ability
to add or suppress the element via user style sheets. Not only is it
superior, but as mentioned above, it's also the right way of doing
things. The reasons it doesn't belong in XHTML are the reasons it does
belong in CSS.

> So, by analyzing the possible uses of this functionality, I've
> decided to expand it a little more:

> a) Instead of talking of preloading, we should talk about visibility
> control: visible while loading, visible when loaded or not visible.

I don't understand this. ":partial" would give you the ability to do
anything to a partially downloaded element; including making it
invisible via the visibility property. It would also let you apply any
CSS you'd like; this is a major advantage. For example, you could have
grey text when partially loaded and have it become black when fully
loaded, among a million other things.

> b) Visibility control should be avaible for section and layer tags.

In CSS, it would be available for any element (and not just XHTML).

> So, things seem pretty clear, why not reach a final point in this
> thread?

Hopefully this email sheds some light on why this feature should be
accomplished through a pseudo-element in CSS instead of an attribute


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