RE: Changing the Browse Button with css.

In my opinion, the ability to style the browse button is a desireable
feature because a consistent look and feel should include all types of
buttons. One default operating system widget in an otherwise styled
widget set would be an eyesore.

I have to wonder if users wouldn't be alerted by the fact that, no
matter what its appearance, the browse button pops up a dialogue
labelled "File Upload". If a user doesn't look to see what a dialogue is
for or doesn't see any danger when he or she is browsing local files
while on an Internet site, there's not much that can really be done to
save him or her from doing something foolish even if the button does
look different from all the others. Personally, I don't believe styling
or not styling the button would actually affect user behaviour one way
or the other.

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> W3C does need to include a way to control the browse button's style
> eventually, though

I fail to see why that is the case.  See again my earlier comments on
this list about security -- making file upload controls look like
something else is not acceptable in my mind.

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