Re: Changing the Browse Button with css.

Actually, this is still being discussed, currently the Mozilla project 
is faced with this issue (bug 52500 
<>). There is no 
mechanism built into CSS2 for this, and to my knowledge none exists for 
CSS3 yet either. Currently you can only apply a style to the full <INPUT 
TYPE="file"> element, which means both the textbox and the browse 
button. The trends in implementing this are either inverting an inset to 
an outset and retaining styles for the button, or leaving the browse 
button unstyled.

W3C does need to include a way to control the browse button's style 
eventually, though, and I've suggested that Mozilla and Netscape staff 
try to get this added to CSS3 (guess I'm contributing to that right now).

Brian Uniacke wrote:
> Hi All,
> Is it possible to change the default browse button given on a file 
> upload using css?
> eg.
> to

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