Re: Specified values: what are they?

On 12 Sep 2002, Etan Wexler wrote:
> I object to the redefinition of the term "specified value".  While CSS3
> *drafts* may be ambiguous about the term, the CSS2 *Recommendation* is
> quite clear.  We are trying to name the value in a winning declaration;
> I suggest the term "declared value".
> While we could retain the term "specified value" in its current meaning,
> the meanings of "specified" and "declared" are close enough to cause
> confusion.  I support the use of the term "cascaded value" to mean what
> CSS2 calls "specified value".

So in CSS3, you want "specified" and "cascaded" to mean the same thing?

> >    Cascaded Value (the result of the cascade, after handling any
> >    inheritance, initial values, and attr() forms -- defined for all
> >    properties and all elements and pseudo-elements)
> Does replacement of 'attr()' forms really take place during assignment
> of cascaded values?  Why replace 'attr()' forms then instead of during
> assignment of computed values?

The value extracted out of attr() could require further computation, e.g.
if it is a percentage.

> Some properties may inherit from cascaded values, rather than from
> computed values.

Not in CSS3. It is the intention of the WG (as I understand it) to make
sure that the computed value is always the one inherited.

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