Request for a more proper way to handle table column width

I have a suggestion for something that I think css1 lacks when it comes to tables.

If you have a table with a defined width, either absolute or relative, and let's say
there are 3 columns.
Then the width of those columns are (to use simplified terms) split equal automatically.
What I think is lacking here, is some sort of width property like 'full'.
The thing is, if you want the two first columns no wider than their content (like
"width: auto;"),
you would need to adjust the 3rd column to be "width: 100%", which is a dirty hack.
Or, you could set the width of the 2 first columns to "width: 1px", which is neither
In this case, you would want to set the 3rd column to be "width: full", which in this
case would mean
"the remainder horizontal space". Sort of like using the asterisks in html along with
Then the "width: auto;" property for the 2 first columns would properly be acknowledged.
naturally, you should only be allowed to set one column per table to be "width: full".
And it would only work for tables with a defined width.
Is this a good idea...?

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Received on Monday, 23 September 2002 05:01:31 UTC