RE: Style Detection?

Adam van den Hoven <> wrote:

> The first is that you should NOT assume that assistive technology (AT)
> users will turn off style sheets. Jaws (and other screen readers) will
> read styled HTML just fine so many keep CSS enabled. Nor do they read
> your unstyled HTML, they read what the browser has rendered. 

> The problem (and one that I haven't been able to resolve yet) is that
> your left column will be read inline with the main content.

This just sounds like a big bug in that program. As I understand it, for 
instance '@media screen' or 'media="screen"' should hide that stylesheet for 
audio browsers. That's what 'media' is all for. So report the bug instead of 
blaming the specification. :)

> For instance, one would
> reasonably expect that providing style sheets for "audio" or "tty" media
> types would be useful to AT users. 

Christian Ottosson
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Received on Thursday, 19 September 2002 05:10:47 UTC