Re: Comments on CSS3 Fonts module

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> I agree that it would be good to discourage the use of the question 
> mark as a generic surrogate. However, I think the implementation 
> details should follow the OS practice and not be normatively specified 
> in CSS when there is an OS practice.
>   * Using the OS practice helps the user understand that a missing 
>     character is being represented, because the behavior is consistent
>     with the behavior of other apps.
>   * The OS text engine may do the fallback internally, which is likely 
>     to be more efficient than application-side fallback.

You can't rely on the OS system, because it is almost certainly not going
to be a CSS-compliant system. However, I agree that an OS-specific
fallback mechanism is preferred.

> Screenshot:

That's insane. :-)

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