Re: CSS 2.1 WD and non-CSS presentational hints

Ian Hickson wrote:

>> >Since this is all UA stylesheet stuff, we can even posit UA extensions to
>> >CSS, such as:
>> >
>> >   FONT[color] { color: -ua-attr(color, color); }
>> >   FONT[size] { font-size: -ua-attr(size, html-font-size); }
>> >
>> >Why is this any different the B and CENTER rules above?

then I wrote: 

>> Because they can't be included (and hence, in practice, made subject to
>> controlled override) in a user style sheet.

then [Sat, 14 Sep 2002 02:35:34 -0400] Boris Zbarsky wrote:

>Why, exactly, can they not be included in a user style sheet?

I suppose, in principle, they could, if:

1. the vendor actually implements these as language extensions (not just as
"virtual" extensions in a "virtual" user agent default style sheet)... and
is careful to recognize them in user style sheets, but not (at risk of
creating a whole new slew of problems) in author styles;

2. the vendor bothers to document the extensions;

3. it's not considered too burdensome to have to learn the private CSS
dialect of each particular browser to write a user style sheet for it.

Noting that one of the major complaints about my proposed definition
of "non-CSS presentational hints" was that --- at least technically --- it
would make what is a "non-CSS presentational hint" dependent on the
implementation chosen by the user agent, and hence would supposedly
interfere with "interoperability"... I would assume point 3 above would be
totally unacceptable.
Randall Joseph Fellmy aka

Received on Saturday, 14 September 2002 15:04:50 UTC