Re: CSS2.1: \A and white-space

Bert Bos <> schrieb/wrote:
> If anybody can come up with a definition where

>     A {line-break-after: always}
>     <A><A></A></A>

> causes no empty line, while

>     A {line-break-after: always}
>     <A></A><A></A>

> does, then I'd be happy.

What about a new keyword for that property? "line-break-before: force"
could always insert a line break even if there is already one (whereas
"always" only produces line breaks if there is not).

On the other hand, you could just use this:

  br {line-break-after: always; content: "\FEFF"; }

which is very close to what the <br> actually does in the tag soup
browsers you mentioned.

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