Re: CSS3-box: margin-outside and the cascade

[Mon, 2 Sep 2002 22:28:50 +0000 (GMT)] Ian Hickson:
>Certain vocal members of the working group are _very_ strongly against
>anything which would make "left" not mean "left", so I doubt this would
>ever come to pass.

How about adding two pseudo-classes, ":odd-page" and ":even-page"?

These classes would apply only to paged media; they would never match
when rendering to non-paged media.

When an element is contained on a single page, either the ":odd-page" or
the ":even-page" pseudo-class is applicable, depending on the page number.

When an element spans multiple pages, it is divided into a series of
formatting boxes, each of which is contained on a single page.  Each
formatting box consumes as many line boxes as will fit on the page, and the
properties derived from the appropriate pseudo-class apply; the remaining
line boxes flow into the next formatting box, and so forth.

It would probably be necessary to require that some properties (e.g.,
"display") would always be derived from the pseudo-class applicable to the
first line box of the element but would apply to the entire element.

I think this could be far more flexible than anything yet discussed.
(For example, different backgrounds could be used on odd and even pages.)
Randall Joseph Fellmy aka

Received on Saturday, 7 September 2002 00:06:22 UTC