Re: Comments on CSS 2.1 last call

On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Peter Sheerin wrote:
> I'm thoroughly confused now--your statements make imminent sense (and
> I was beginning to wonder the same thing), yet my code was merely
> following the examples set forth in the CSS2 spec, such as this one in
> section 12.6, which also use :before [...]
> So which is correct?

Mozilla doesn't support CSS2 markers. When you set :before in Mozilla, it
doesn't affect the markers.

> having to use:before seems like a kludge, yet that's what the CSS2
> shows, and it doesn't demonstrate any other method.

The working group agrees, and we'll be changing the model in CSS3. We have
taken out display:marker from CSS 2.1 in preparation for this. See

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