Re: CSS2.1 Various Inline-related Stuff

Ian Hickson wrote:
> I'll need to think about this in more detail. I think 'content:none' may
> be made to force 'display' to 'none' for ':before' and ':after' (and
> certain other CSS3 pseudo-elements) if it is set to 'inline'.
> (Note: 'none' and "" are not the same, and neither are the same as
> 'display:none', if 'display' is set to 'block'.)

I think you're making things much more complicated than necessary.
Having the empty string generate an inline /if/ it's generated
content but not real content is counterintuitive. Why do you want
this distinction?

> >   If CSS3 extends 'content' to real elements, its initial value
> >   must be 'auto' (self), not 'none' (nothing). Therefore, the
> >   initial value of 'content' in CSS2 cannot be 'none'.
> The initial value will be 'normal', which for elements will compute to
> 'contents' (the element's children). That's the current line of thinking,
> anyway.

Why 'normal'? 'default' carries as much meaning and doesn't presume
to describe the content. And why is 'contents' a separate value?


Received on Monday, 2 September 2002 18:21:00 UTC