Re: inch to cm

At 14:38 2002-11-16 +1100, Lachlan Cannon wrote:
>Liorean wrote:
>>"30 cm", in reality, corresponds to the interval 29.5<=x<30.5, ...
>or 29.5<x<30.5.. otherwise values could end up in two different intervals.

Nope. The way rounding works, 29.5 should be rounded to 30. That means the 
lower interval must be inclusive. And, since the interval of 29 mustn't 
include 29.5 since 29.5 rounds to 30, not 29, the upper interval must be 
exclusive. In other words, the way rounding works, 29.5<=x<30.5 is the only 
interval that doesn't either exclude the number 29.5 or includes it in 
other rounding intervals.

Note that the way rounding works is defined by consensus and nothing else, 
though. Nothing says, in reality, that a half is to round up instead of down.

// Liorean

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