Re: css3-lists: Coptic and Ionic Greek

 > An alphabetic system just uses the letters of a certain alphabet in
 > order - it is not (necessarily) a system used for the representation
 > of numbers in any other context. It's analogous to the difference
 > between lower-roman and lower-latin.

wouldn't it be strange to have any system (alphabetic, numbering) using 
greek letters that no greek man would use (instead of greek you can put 
any other language)?? This does not make sense.

In the case of greek letters used for listing things (either ordered or 
just simple lists) I have NEVER seen simple alphabetic order lists. Of 
course in greek text, and I think that the name of such a system should 
not be called greek. If it is important to include such a simple order 
system, than there should be a second 'greek style' which will be 
implemented as used in greek text.

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