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On Sunday 2002-11-10 18:19 -0800, Xaxio Brandish wrote:
> This is my first e-mail to the mailing list, and a test e-mail as well
> as a comment about the text/font areas of style sheets.

This post is somewhat off-topic for this mailing list.  See the second
paragraph of for why, and
for other resources.

(The lines in your message were also wrapped at a very long line length.
I rewrapped them to a reasonable length.)

> Is there some way to specify a superscript or a subscript with style
> sheets?  I know that there are tags for this in HTML, but that doesn't
> seem right -- after all, they are styles being applied to text, no?

The 'vertical-align' property takes values 'sub' and 'super'.  See .


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