Re: [Suggestion] Multiple 'property' tokens in 'declaration' syntax

--- Ian Hickson <> wrote:
> It will need to do more than "slightly" simplify anything to be added to
> CSS, since it has a high cost in implementation and time-to-market.

I see... so the deadline for small changes (such as this) already passed
by about, oh, six years ago.  Very well... I suppose it is partly my fault
for wanting to specify only, say, the padding/margins for two sides only
(when all of them really should be set at once).

My last recommendation is that the example given in "5.2.1 Grouping"
should make a small reference to the selector comma usage in "4.1.7 Rule
sets, declaration blocks, and selectors", because it is surprisingly easy
to draw the wrong conclusion that the comma simply allows a compressed
form, where selector errors would affect only that single selector.

Thank you for your time.

Christopher Lee

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Received on Wednesday, 6 November 2002 17:42:36 UTC