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On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, 5:05:48 PM, George wrote:

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GL> writes
>>I would love to hear any comments you have on this draft and how it 
>>should be improved.

GL> I was wondering why list numbering was taken out of HTML and put in CSS 
GL> in the first place?  Numbering is usually vital to the content of the 
GL> document, not the particular presentation scenario.

GL> For example, quotes from a document often rely on the numbering used and 
GL> the document is fundamentally changed if the type of numbers/symbols 
GL> used is altered.  The infinity of possible user stylesheet interactions 
GL> could make finding references impossible - no two systems would have to 
GL> agree on which section had which number (or letter, or Roman numeral).

I agree that this is a problem

It does not mean, however, that the actual numbering style should be
hardcoded in the document. Particularly on small devices, lists m,ay
be renumbered as they do not fit on screen at once and thus are
presented in chunks.

What is needed in the markup is a link - not a hyperlink, but a link -
between the citation and the particular list item.

What is needed in the stylesheet is a way to style the content of the
link such that it takes the same numbering as the list item it points
to. This would allow such references to still work when lists are
edited, merged, split, or their numbering styles altered.


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