Re: CSS3 - Define Language

On Sat, 9 Mar 2002, Tyler Rasmussen wrote:

TR> I am currently working on a webpage using HTML and CSS for a forgiegn
TR> language class at my school.  I find it very annoying to have to type:
TR> <DIV class="es" lang="es"></DIV>
TR> <DIV class="en" lang="en"></DIV>
TR> Over and over again.  I think it would work wonders for pages like this if
TR> you could define the language of text inside a certain tag by the CSS
TR> document.  I mean, really, language is part of the style of the document.

IMO language is not part of the style, but part of the information in the
document. You might want to parse a document and extract just one language
without looking at how the document would be presented (visually).


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