Re: Absolutely positioned div in table cell


I had a rather complex page that I didn't reduce to a simple test case 
before posting. Now that I have it seems that something else must be 
causing the problem. Netscape (6) behaves just as you say it should. My 
apologies to you and everyone else for wasting your time.


Andrew Clover wrote:
> Jonathan Watt <> wrote:
>>If the div is moved around in the table cell, should the 
>>table cell expand or contract depending on where the div is? In IE it 
>>doesn't, but in Netscape it does.
> If you mean Netscape 6 / Mozilla, can you give an example? An absolutely-
> positioned <div> should be taken out of the normal flow, and hence should
> have no effect whatsoever on the size of a parent containing it.
> (If you mean Netscape 4, nothing would surprise me, though. :-) )

Received on Saturday, 9 March 2002 19:12:26 UTC