Re: How to detect if CSS is disabled?

> I assumed he meant whether the equivalent of NS4's "Disable CSS" had 
> been selected by the user - ie, that *author* sheets aren't being applied.

Yeah.. I meant "author" and spelled "user-agent"

> In which case there isn't a *good* way to do it but you can detect it by 
> virtue of the fact that CSS stylesheets can have side effects. For example:

You forgot user stylesheets with !important rules?

> If "myimage.gif" gets requested from your server with a particular 
> session id, then the user with that session has CSS enabled. Otherwise 
> he doesn't (or perhaps is using a non-graphical browser that supports 
> CSS but not images? Are there any such?)

Or is using a graphical browser with image loading disabled....

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